• Hours
    • Monday - Saturday 9am - 12pm
  • Pricing
    • 1 day a week - $65 / month
      (compared to $65/week avg)
    • 2 days a week - $100 / month
      (compared to $100 / week avg)
    • 3 days a week -  $145/ month
         (compared to $145/week avg)
    • 4 days a week -  $185 / month
      (compared to $185/week avg)
    • 5 days a week -  $228.75 / month
      (compared to $228.75/week avg)
  • Convenient:
    • Choosing days of week for attendance in advance helps parents plan.
    • parent can choose whatever combination of days best suits them.
    • No other MMO program offers Saturday hours
  • Flexible:
    • May switch days of week selected from one month to the next, space permitting. (in other MMO programs this is not allowed)
    • Must sign up for at least 1 month to start; after that its month to month with 30 days notice. (other MMO program require a one year commitment)
    • Child may stay for an additional hour (12p - 1p) for $4.00
    • One makeup day per month allowed (in other MMO programs this is not allowed)
  • Good Value:
    • No additional registration fee with paid KidSpot registration (compared to $50 avg)
    • Not in session during public school inclement weather or public school holidays. Tuition is not discounted for these days. (same as other MMO programs)
  • Fun for Kids
    • Curriculum based on free play
    • Each week will feature a theme. See list for themes
    • Crafts will incorporate pre-kindergarten concepts - shapes, colors, letters and numbers recognition
    • Multiple age groups provides learning and socialization skills
    • Special events such as Gymboree Music lessons, clowns and entertainer, etc.
    • Caring teachers that love kids