Building and Blocks - oversize natural  wood blocks, ramps, cars, and legos for the budding architect in your child.

ArtSpot - creative arts and crafts designed to complement the weekly themes. Fun stuff your kids can bring home with pride.

StorytimeSpot - An Activity Leader reads  books that compliment the weekly theme. We have read each book to make sure it is both a fun story and it is suitable for all kids.

Educational Computer Games and Video Games
- to enhance logic skills,  reading, math, and eye hand coordination.

MovieSpot - Only films suitable for all ages, and we watch each one from start to finish to make sure its something  we'd let our own children watch.

KidAerobics - Fun exercises designed for  kids by a physical therapist who's a kid at heart. Gets the kids moving and burns off some of that extra energy.

Dramatic Play - costumes and dress-up help your kids imagine the future and enjoy their childhood.

**Meals can be bought in but we do not serve food or snacks here at KidSpot!

  A  KidSpot is full of kid stuff, laughter and learning-with games, stories and  friendship.
  As parents ourselves, we understand you want more than just a place to drop off your child for a couple of hours. You want an environment designed to make your child smile, instructors that care, and activities that develop your child physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially.
  We've found you can attain this through fun learning. So, within each  KidSpot, we've set up special areas that encourage independence, creativity and curiosity.